De Booij about entering the USA

American agency TABS, came up with five questions for MPG.Concepts-CEO Richard de Booij about do’s and dont’s concerning entering your business in the USA.  (about TABS: ‘TABS works with small to midsize companies that plan to enter the U.S. market.’ also



Meet Richard de Booij, CEO of MPG.Concepts, the US subsidiary of the successful Dutch content marketing company MPG. Here’s Richard’s take on how to enter the US market.


‪1. What made you decide to enter the US market?

It is our strategy to be able to start up and/or service our clients internationally and create value through scalability of content and efficiencies of (international) scale.


2. You were able to get started in the US based on the presence here of one of your biggest clients. Did that impact your market entry choices? Would MPG otherwise have started in the US?

Of course it impacted our choices but doesn’t take away that the US market is a dream to be able to enter. Its market is very competitive and leading so many opportunities to learn and grow. If we would have made a standalone choice it would have been based on other market opportunities and vision. Quite honestly I believe we would have chosen a market closer to our HQ but now that we have made it happen here, we can do it anywhere.


3. Are you currently working for other (Dutch) clients?

Yes we have recently started working for Beemster cheese in the US and are in constant contact with Dutch, US based, companies to broaden our portfolio.


‪4. What has been challenging so far and how do you deal with the challenges?

‪We are a content company that works closely with out Dutch head office to deliver the best scalable content opportunities for our clients. This means that we have to be in close contact most of the time but due to time difference this is not easy as our operating times are not the same. For some colleagues we have changed the working hours in The Netherlands to connect better and fly teams in for specific meetings with clients.


 5. What are the to do’s and don’ts when entering the US market?


  • Make sure you have the right legal counsel to structure your company and financial / tax system
  • Start agile and scale up
  • Speak to Dutch companies that went in before you



  • Think you already know all
  • Think it will be easy
  • Be afraid for the challenges


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